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In the middle of this year, two innovative and versatile electromagnetic lifting installations, which have been designed for the handling of billets, blooms and rounds, have been installed in Vizcaya (Spain).

Each of these facilities is composed of a telescopic beam with mechanical opening and closing through the two trolleys of the crane, with two small beams and two special double bipolar electromagnets type FBD per beam. It is completed with a state-of-the-art electrical power and control equipment, with a lead-acid emergency battery system and power to the electromagnets through constant intensity, which allows us to hold the same level of force during all working hours.

In addition, it incorporates a system of continuous control of all the variables of the installation that allows us to read and control the levels of overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature of the magnet, etc., to guarantee the state and availability of the installation.

All these elements incorporated to the design of the electromagnet and the variety of the load to be handled, make this installation an unique and versatile model.

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