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Non - Ferrous metal separator

This magnetic metal separator employs the Foucault current separation principle. A magnetic roller of rare earth magnets, rotating at high speed inside the shell drawn by the conveyor belt, generates a powerful, high frequency alternating magnetic field.

Non-ferrous metals drawn by the conveyor belt from the separator are thrown forward selectively as a result of the repulsion between the field created by the electric currents in the metal and the field generated by the roller.

The ferrous metals are attracted by the powerful magnetic field, turn with the roller and fall with the resto of material.

In this way, two different products are obtained at the separator outlet:

  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Rest of product

Even though ferrous material is separated, this is not a ferrous metal separator. What it means that ferrous materials must not reach the metal separator. Otherwise the wear of the machine would be extremely high, and the shell and the belt could be damaged.

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