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FELEMAMG round electromagnets have a robust construction suitable for any scrap handling demand from light scrap yard to the heavy steel works service

Its conical coil allows to keep the same lifting capacities than standard round electromagnets with the diameter, weight and power. They offer a great increase in lifting capacity with light scraps, more than 80% of the scrap to be handled.

General features:

  • Robust construction in a welded steel housing.
  • 75% Duty cycle
  • Magnetic field with a great depth
  • Copper or aluminum coil option.
  • Isolated connection box with thin walls and double compartment
  • Set of chains and rings

Depending on the application we offer different series:

  • “CN” series, light electromagnets for working with backhoe loader.
  • “CS” series, reinforced mechanically, suitable for works in foundries and steels plants. As option they can be made for works in handling hot loads (max. 600ºC) and immersed in water.
  • “CSR” series, suitable for the toughest applications of slag steel recovery.
  • “E” series, suitable for big steel plants, when a high lifting capacity is needed.

Contact information

Avda. Agricultura, 15 - 33211- Gijón (Asturias) ESPAÑA
Fax: (+34) 985 324 226