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Tripolar electromagnets with moving poles, adaptable to the load, are the new patent of FELEMMAG in the field of magnetic lifting and electromagnetic systems.

These are a large section and depth-field electromagnets, whose main characteristic is its great capacity to adapt perfectly to the surface of the load to lift. This characteristic makes them undoubtedly the best option for handling loads with non-flat surfaces such as laminated profiles, tubes, round bars, etc. They are particularly suitable for steel storage depots and warehouses that store this type of material.

The lifing of these type of loads, has the difficulty of having a small contact area between the load and the magnetic poles, which limits the magnetic strength that the magnet is able to perform over those loads. Therefore, it is required the utilization of large coils or permanent magnets to provide enough force to overcome the large air gap between the poles of the electromagnet and the load.

Using the tripolar electromagnets with moving poles, patented by FELEMAMG, this problem disappears. The mobility of the magnetic poles allows to adapt to the surface to the load, thereby increasing significantly the contact area and being each one of the poles useful for the lifting of the load.

Therefore, improving significantly the lifting capacity of the electromagnet.

Another feature of these electromagnets is their special design that provides a deep magnetic field that penetrates inside the bundle, so that the weight of the load is not fully supported by bindings, reducing stress in the bundle and increasing safety.

The length of the magnetic circuit fits the width of the bundle or set of bundles. These electromagnets are very robust and have been built with great care. They are capable of withstanding maximum production demands.

It may be necessary to place two or more electromagnets in a beam to avoid or reduce bending in accordance to the length of the bundle. These beams can be manufactured as fixed or telescopic guiding beams, depending on the specifications of the load.

The installation is completed with an electric cabinet to power supply, control and protect the magnets at constant current, including the following features:

  • Lead or Nickel-Cadmium emergency batteries capable holding the load for an average time of 20 minutes in event of a power failure.
  • RST transport safety system with pre-magnetizing to 65% of magnetic power.
  • Luminous and sound signaling system.
  • Automatic opening and closing arms in case of telescopic guiding beams.
  • Selection system for the electromagnets to be energized.
  • Alarm and constant status control system for electromagnets and for the batteries.

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