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These are large-sectioned electromagnets with great field depth that have been specially designed to exercise their pull on a large part of the thickness of the bundle, in such a way that the weight of the pipes is not wholly withstood by their cording, thus reducing the stress on the steel straps.

The length of magnetic circuit is adapted either the cording, on set of straps.

Moreover, the whole length of said magnetic circuit possesses the same magnetic power.

The coil extends beyond the circuit on both sides in order to avoid the weakening of the magnetic circuit at its ends. In this way, complete safety at work is achieved.

These electromagnets are very sturdy and have been built with great care. They are capable of withstanding maximum production demands.

It may be necessary to place two or more electromagnets on a beam in order to avoid or reduce bending, in accordance with the length of the cording. Such beams can be made as fixed or telescopic, depending on the load’s specifications.

The installation is completed with an electric supply, control and protection unit to feed and protect the magnets at a constant current (intensity); and which can be fitted with the following characteristics:

  • Lead or Nickel-Cadmium emergency batteries capable of maintaining the load hoisted for an average of 20 minutes in the event of a power cut.
  • RST transport safety system, for safety reasons the magnets are premagnetized only up to 65% of the lifting force when picking the material.
  • Light and sound signaling systems.
  • Automatic opening and locking system for the arms in case of telescopic beams.
  • Selection system for the electromagnets to be energised.
  • Magnetic field regulation system.
  • Full function of all indicators control and battery of the electromagnets.

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