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Magnetic head pulley separators

The magnetic head pulleys are designed for the retention and deviation of ferromagnetic pieces that may be contained occasionally in the material conveyed in a conveyor belt.

This separator is composed of a powerful magnetic circuit in all their perimeter fixed with the running or driven axis and recovered by a stainless steel, forming a compact cylinder with two non-magnetic lateral aluminium expansions in order to avoid the ferromagnetic pieces entrance between the conveyor belt and the proper drum.

Once the ferromagnetic pieces that may be present in the material carried arrival to the magnetic head pulley are attracted by a strong force of radial direction to the centre of the drum that makes them settle to the conveyor belt accompanying to this in their movement over the drum and falling some centimetres after conveyor belt loses contact with the drum in the inferior area. For this reason you will have the deviation or separation of the ferromagnetic pieces from the material conveyed.

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