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Billets handling

Specially designed for handling long and heavy products with high temperatures (Max. 600ºC), as blooms, rail sections, billets, etc.

It’s special design which endures the same magnetic power in both center and ends of the electromagnet. In this way, a safety transport of the end pieces on the layer to handle is guaranteed.

A careful and robust construction provide a high protection degree. They are capable of withstanding maximum production demands.

The suitable installation will always be composed of two electromagnets mounted on a beam. We supply a fixed beam or a telescopic guiding beam depending on the length of the product.

With these beam and magnets, we also supply the electric equipment to feed, protect and control the magnet, with the following main specifications:

  • Lead or Ni-Cd emergency batteries to feed the magnets around 20 minutes in case of general power breakdown.
  • System of secure transport RST type.
  • Light and acoustic signals.
  • Automatic opening and locking in case of telescopic guiding beams.
  • Selection of magnets to be energized.
  • Regulation of magnetic force.

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