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Permanent Magnet revolving shell drum separators

Permanent magnet revolving shell drum separators are designed to extract ferrous magnetic elements that sometimes can be found among the material circulating around aforementioned drum.

It consists of a magnetic circuit of permanent magnets covering up a 160º-170º (according to the type) with a decreasing magnetic field at the end of the magnetic circuit to ensure a correct evacuation of ferrous magnetic pieces.

This magnetic circuit is fixed and can be adjusted by means of the shaft outlet opposite to the drive. Around it the stainless-steel shell rotated driven by the keyed shaft, where the corresponding drive, hollow shaft motor gear box, pulley, pinion, etc, will be positioned.

The magnetic material being conveyed is attracted by the magnetic system and tick to the drum shell and is drugged in its rotary action until it finds itself outside the magnetic field, where it is dropped on the other side of the separating wall or divider, which has been fitted for this purpose. The non-magnetic material continues on its way without being subject to any deviation.

Depending on the application, several magnetic circuits of different power are offered and can be made of permanent or electromagnetic magnet.

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