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FR-E series electromagnets by FELEMAMG are particularly designed for general work with bulk material.

The special design of its magnetic circuit produces a powerful, large volume and depth magnetic field capable of managing large hoisting of scrap metal and of lifting heavy pieces.

They are widely used in the loading of furnace cradles, handling in scrap metal yards, etc.

As opposed to classic circular electromagnets, rectangular electromagnets stand out for having the great advantage that they can be manufactured according to the needs of each client, regarding the Length x Width dimensions, i.e. “tailor made”, adapting in this way to any type of work on any container, thus improving the performance of the installation.

Their revolutionary design, in opposition to any traditional model, confers Serie E electromagnets a load volume almost three times higher, for which reason they become the most efficient electromagnets with greatest capacity over low density scrap metal.

This is due to the fact that in case of traditional electromagnets, light scrap metal is attracted by the central pole, acquiring an “inverted cone” shape.

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