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The handling of the profiles can be performed by two different electromagnetic equipment:

  • Electromagnets
  • Electropermanents

The bipolar electromagnets have been designed for handling pieces of big length and small surface, one by one.

They are light weight electromagnets., of small section but with a strong construction.

They always must be installed in group, on a fixed or telescopic guiding beam, this last can be supplied with electro-hydraulic or mechanical drive along the crane hoists for opening and closing the arms of the beam.

It is advisable that the cranes have two hooks for the fastening of the beam, in order to ensure the stability of the load.

Electro-permanent lifting devices provide a maximum safety since the force is exerted exclusively by permanent magnets. A short Direct Current pulse changes the magnet magnetising direction, thus achieving two stable states in time: MAGNETISED and DE-MAGNETISED.

Both the electromagnets and the electro-permanent devices come with electrical equipment; they are supplied in a metallic cabinet including the following features:

  • Emergency lead or Nickel-Cadmium batteries capable of keeping the load in suspension for an average of 20 minutes in the event of a power cut (only for electromagnets).
  • RST transport safety system with pre-magnetising to 65% of the power.
  • Luminous and sound signaling systems.
  • Automatic opening and closing arms system in case of telescopic guiding beams.
  • Selection system for electromagnets or electro-permanents to be energized.
  • Alarm and constant status control system for electro-permanent devices, electromagnets and for its batteries.

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