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Increase and improve security at work and productivity in production plants is a high priority in FELEMAMG.

From the beginning in industrial magnetism, in 1970, FELEMAMG has been consolidating as an important world reference in magnetic lifting equipments manufacturing.

We design, manufacture, guarantee and provide a wide range of magnetic lifting products, adapting them in many cases to the needs of our customers.

The movement of steel plates is a daily constant in industrial warehouses, cutting centres, together with the loading and unloading of the trucks that transport these steel plates. All of this, represents a working day devote to these tasks a large number of workers and many working hours. This situation involves high economic costs to any company.

Aware of this, many of these industries, have been equipped their overhead cranes with fixed beams, which are equipped with several elevation electromagnets or elevation electropermanents.

To cover the entire range of materials according to length, fixed beams are designed with more attachment points, so that the bending in thin plates does not cause the mechanical detachment of the load.

The workers stopped producing and move the magnets from one position to another. These adaptation works took up time for the production workers, produced delays in unloads, loads and could cause an accident due to negligence.

The solution to these disadvantages is to change fixed beams for electrohidraulic telescopic beams, keeping the same magnets that had fixed beams and adding to the original electric equipment an small electric cabinet to control telescopic arms of the electrohidraulic beam.

The advantages of this solution are huge:

  • The operator opens and closes the arms adapting it the load from the control station.
  • For short loads the beam is reduced to enter in small areas.
  • Manoeuvres are fast increasing production times and eliminating non-productive stops.

FELEMAMG is a leading company for more than 47 years in development and manufacture of magnetic systems applying cutting edge solutions.

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