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FELEMAMG, founded in 1970, has developed a complete technique in the field of magnetism, in particular, in the application of this knowledge in magnetic separation and more specifically, for the treatment of minerals and their concentration and cleaning.

Currently, it designs and builds High Intensity and electromagnetic magnetic separation equipments, as well as permanent magnet, with correct operation and high efficiency.

FELEMAMG High Intensity electromagnetic magnetic separators (induce roller) work in a dry process and basically consist of a special roller that rotates within the field generated by a powerful coil. In the vicinity of the roller, very high intensity magnetic fields are reached, of the order of 21,000 Gauss and with a high gradient, producing very high forces of attraction on paramagnetic materials with very low susceptibility, such as iron and manganese oxides, micas, hematite, limonite. , etc.

The usual applications of this type of separators are:

- Concentration of paramagnetic minerals

- Purification of non-magnetic minerals

- Separation of paramagnetic minerals from each other

- Sand cleaning

The design is carried out in a modular way and based on these modules, any flow rate can be treated, grouping modules in parallel or as many passes as necessary, stacking modules vertically.

The entry of a ferromagnetic piece, such as a nut, screw, etc., would cause a serious damage to the rotor, so we always recommend that all these equipments be supplied with a previous module of low intensity and permanent magnet, to clean this type of pieces.

Recently, FELEMAMG has supplied equipment with these characteristics to an important group, producer and marketer of ore, at its plant in Salamanca.

This equipment is made up of two lines in parallel, with three rollers in cascade per line, capable of treating up to 7 Tm/h of product.

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