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Felemamg supplies the largest electromagnetic installation for rails handling to an important steel group in spain

At the end of last year, an innovative electromagnetic lifting system has been installed and commissioning in Asturias (Spain), which has been designed for the transport and rails handling up to 111 metres long.

This installation consists of ten lifting beams with two double bipolar electromagnets type FBD by lifting beam. It’s completed with two latest generation power and control electric equipments, with NiCd emergency batteries system and power supply to the electromagnets by constant current. This allows us to maintain the same strength level during all the working hours.

Also, it incorporates a continuous control system of all the variables of the installation, that allows us to know all the time overvoltage levels, overcurrent, magnet temperature, etc., to guarantee all the time the state and the availability of the installation.

All this incorporated elements into the design of the electromagnet itself and the particularity of the handle load, make this installation a single model in the world, keeping at all times FELEMAMG’s standards in terms of control and security.

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